About Christian


As your next County Commissioner, I will seek to give our communities the attention and respect that they deserve. I will work tirelessly to implement policies that produce tangible results for Argentine and Rosedale and generate actual progress that residents can see and be an integral part of. But first, let me tell you about myself.

My name is Christian Ramirez. I am twenty four years old and have lived in Argentine since I was five years old. My family and I have laid down roots in Argentine that stretch back decades and continue to exist today. I attended kindergarten at Our Lady of Unity, located in Argentine, and then attended St. Joseph Catholic School from my remaining grade school years. From there, I went to Bishop Miege High School in Shawnee Mission. After receiving my diploma, I set off for college at the University of Central Missouri. It was there that I studied Secondary Education with a focus on Mathematics. After completing two semesters there, I transferred to Kansas City Kansas Community College, where my political interests began four years ago. Since then, I have not stopped fighting for my community and for my values. I have been active in local and state politics, including an internship at the state Senate in Topeka and being appointed a Precinct Committeeman. From there, I turned my attention toward helping flip the U.S. 3rd Congressional District into Democratic hands as candidate Brent Welder's Volunteer Coordinator and Finance Assistant. In addition to serving as Chairman of the Wyandotte County Young Democrats, and as Treasurer of the Kansas Young Democrats, I also assist the local advocacy group, Our Revolution Kansas City, as a member of their communications team.

I will ensure that I invest my time and energy in creating meaningful change in the 3rd District!